About us

Learn about the Genomics at Edinburgh network, how we're organised, and how to contact us.

Director: Prof Mick Watson, Head of Genetics and Genomics, The Roslin Institute

Project administrator: Romana Gorjanc, School of Biological Sciences

The University of Edinburgh excels at genomics, with a number of research groups carrying out world-leading research in the areas of human medical genomics, agricultural and veterinary genomics, ecological, environmental and fundamental genomics, genome engineering, and computational genomics. These research groups are embedded within institutes, centres, schools and colleges throughout the University.

Genomics at Edinburgh is a network and hub for all genomics research at the University of Edinburgh. We aim to connect and integrate genomics researchers from around the University, promote our excellent genomics research to internal and external stakeholders, drive innovation, improve collaboration, and derive new opportunities from working with external partners.