A non-exhaustive list of resources (e.g. cell lines, mouse lines, software tools etc) available through collaboration with our research groups or facilities.

Cas9 expressing mouse

A mouse line with constitutive expression of Cas9 under EF1 promtoer from the Rosa26 locus. Obtained from Prof Kosuke Yusa (Kyoto University) and his permission is required to use the mice. Genetic background is C57BL/6N.

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Computational Genetics Discussion Group (CGDG)

Roslin's genetics and genomics seminars explore various topics in quantitative genetics and breeding. We host both internal (UoE) and external speakers.

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Fluorescent slide scanner - suitable for spatial transcriptomics applications

This is a 4 colour fluorescent slide scanner which is also equipped with brightfield and has been used previously for spatial transcriptomics applications.

Fluorescent slide scanner homepage

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GENOSCORES: a platform for calculating genotypic predictors of binary and quantitative phenotypes

GENOSCORES is a web platform comprising a database of filtered summary results of genome-wide association studies in humans and software tools for the calculation of genotypic predictors (scores) of binary and quantitative phenotypes.



Organized bioinformatics resources - reference genomes, annotations, liftover files

The resource BioinformaticsResources is a read-only fileset on the University of Edinburgh high performance computing cluster eddie, accessible to anyone with eddie access. The fileset contains publicly available genome assemblies, variant annotations, and other resources, primarily for human, but also for a subset of model organisms. It also contains a shared Conda package cache and a Singularity container cache for use with common nf-core Nextflow analysis pipelines.

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Platform for microbiome analysis

We have both wet-lab and dry-lab protocols for the production and precision analysis of microbiome data from all species, including marker-gene studies using e.g. 16S, 18S etc and whole-genome shotgun metagenomics.

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TestEd COVID-19 diagnostics by saliva testing

The aim of TestEd is to establish and evaluate a new high throughput method for detection of SARS-CoV-2 in participants' saliva, using a hypercube sample pooling strategy for detection. Testing will be carried out on a voluntary basis in the staff and student population of the University of Edinburgh. 

TestEd Covid-19 homepage

Viking Genes data - human cohort resources

Viking Genes is a project including three studies, VIKING II, VIKING Health Study - Shetland and the Orkney Complex Disease Study. Summary data from specific projects are available in the open access University of Edinburgh DataShare repository and Exome and whole genome sequence datasets are available in the European Genome-phenome Archive.

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